Logline: Walk the Plank is a sexy and hot “Deadliest Catch” meets “The Apprentice” and “Masterchef.” Delve into the lives of  young wannabee’ professional yacht crew from around the world as they sail ‘down island’ through 13 islands in the Caribbean from St. Thomas to Trinidad and compete for their dream jobs to run a $50 million, 100-plus foot yacht for a full Caribbean & Mediterranean charter season. It’s the ultimate episodic job interview to find two professional sailors, one chef and one or two ‘greenhorns’.

Synopsis: “Walk the Plank” hooks onto the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean vibe and success, with stunning scenery, high production value, remarkable stories and young, adventurous people. It shines a light into the little-known, quixotic world of million dollar yachts and billionaire lifestyles. Young boating professionals, chefs and inexperienced dreamers from each country (if syndicated by nation) or internationally from far flung yachting centers such as Portsmouth, UK, Antibes in France, Fort Lauderdale USA, and St. Maarten in the Caribbean – go head to head to land their dream jobs…. one season plying the azure seas and basking on the ivory sands of the Caribbean Isles and a summer reveling on the French and Italian Riviera to the Greek Islands in a mosaic of rich culture and fine living in the historical Mediterranean.